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How to Do Cornrow Tree Braids?

The extension hair is braided into the cornrow, starting at the hairline of the head. As the stylist braids the hair like feed-in braids, a small amount of extensions hair is left out to cover the braid; this gives the tree braid its aesthetic.

  1. Once you start the cornrows braid, you will need to add more extension hair to each stitch to create the tree braid effect. Begin by making a few stitches of the cornrow.
    2.Leaving small strands of the extension hair out as you cornrow will create the Tree braid effect. However, as the stylist moves down the head, it will become necessary to pull existing extension hair from the braid without adding more so that the braid doesn’t become too thick.
    3.Braid down to the end of the braid and secured with a knot.
    4.You can use the following hair for tree braid.
    5.Kanekalon, human hair, or virgin bulk braiding hair.