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Kristy Béké

The Beauty Behind The Braids

Kristy Béké | The Founder of Bignon’s

She is the founder of Bignon’s, the most high-end African Hair Braiding Salon in Charlotte, NC.

Kristy Béké is an extremely dynamic entrepreneur who has dedicated her life to producing pioneering braiding styles in Charlotte, NC. She is very well-known for her ability to push through preset barriers and establish new trends within the hair braiding industry. Kristy is a licensed Celebrity Natural Hair Stylist and a native of Cotonou, Benin. Over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry has allowed her to create her signature braiding technique, Tree K Braids. This gives clients the illusion of a full weave while their hair is still completely protected.

The ultimate protective style for braid-lovers!

“Small Business,
Big Impact”

Tree K Braids”


She is also the founder of Charlotte Braiding Expo. which delivers an entire day of unmatched education to other entrepreneurs in the braiding industry. Kristy Béké has bestowed her astonishing talents onto numerous onlookers at various conferences across the country. Now that she’s obtained high-level experience in the beauty industry, she constantly travels the country to educate forward-thinking entrepreneurs. These business owners love to learn the latest information in braiding, extension installation techniques, and tree braid designs. Her ability to flawlessly create trendsetting designs has made her one of the most influential natural hairstylists and educators nationwide.

Kristy Béké’s Success Story

Kristy Béké takes her responsibility to the community further than her innovative hairstyling techniques. She is also a well-known Mentor, Life Coach, Inspirational Leader, and Educator to other aspiring entrepreneurs. Her authenticity and credibility within the Natural Hair Care industry have translated to the amazing experience all of her clients receive. Kristy Béké is praised for the personality she brings to her business as one that is unparalleled to any other. She launched her wildly successful Fashion and Hair Care Line, Uzuri Products, in 2017. This line includes the most essential products any woman needs to ensure the highest level of hair health. Anyone can achieve high-quality hair strength from the comfort of their home with these impressive hair care products! For her honorable work as a trendsetting hairstylist with unapologetically innovative styles, her small business was recognized in October 2014 as the Charlotte-based Spectrum Cable… “Small Business, Big Impact” recipient for their impact in the community as an outstanding small business of choice Her braiding, weaving, and natural hairstyles have been featured in many prestigious natural haircare magazines including:

Sophisticate’s Black Hair, Elite Braids, Hype Hair, Sasha, and so many more!

Furthermore, in celebration of the grand opening, ribbon-cutting ceremony announcing the third Bignon’s location, the city of Charlotte and all of its citizens proclaimed September 15, 2018,

Kristy Beke Beauty and Women’s Empowerment Day!

For more than fifteen years, Kristy Béké has supported an annual “Back to School Supplies Giveaway” for children in the community in need. She plans to continuing her spirit of giving for
many years to come!

Her heart is just as big as her talent!

Kristy Béké wishes to continue translating her love for the Natural Hair Care industry to other haircare entrepreneurs. Through her good works, she is constantly forging new pathways for aspiring entrepreneurs to not only achieve their goals but to exceed them! Her philosophy is: “You should always endeavor to create the most innovative and intricate natural, braiding, and weaving styles, with customer satisfaction as your number one priority. To truly dream big in a small world takes the utmost level of perseverance. Similarly, to stay focused even when disappointment rears its ugly head is the only way to ultimately achieve your most life-changing goals.”

Kristy has truly dedicated her life to the slogan, “We set the trends, others simply follow.”

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