Kristy Beke


Time Warner Cable “Small Business, Big Impact” recipient

Kristy Béké is a dynamic entrepreneur whose innovative braiding styles and techniques have set the trends in the braiding industry. A licensed natural hair stylist and instructor, Kristy Béké has dazzled audience at various workshops and conferences.

In 1996, Kristy, a native of Cotonou, Bénin, founded BIGNONS, the upmost African Hair Braiding Salon in Charlotte, North Carolina. BIGNONS braiding, weaving and natural hair styles have been featured in a many of prestigious African hair care magazines including, Black Beauty, Elite Braids, Sasha and many more.

In October 2014, Kristy Béké has been recognized as Charlotte-based Time Warner Cable “Small Business, Big Impact” recipient.

At Bignon’s, we hold onto a philosophy that has helped us to bring salon recognition.

“We always endeavor to create the most innovative and intricate braiding and weaving styles, with customer satisfaction as our number one priority.” - Kristy Beke